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Hello! We are the Gavilan Engineering and Research (GEAR) Club

We are a welcoming space for people from any kind of background to come together and collaborate on projects they are passionate about. We are open for any Gavilan student to join, even if your major is not Engineering or STEM related.

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R-Candy is a sugar-based rocket fuel that combines sugar and Potassium Nitrate (KNO₃). We are researching a mixture that we think will be optimal for our rocket. 


Rocket Body:

We are researching different ways to build our rocket body. Currently, we are exploring 3D printed options designed with CAD. 

Initial Design Test STL File Download

Mk. 1 Fuselage 

Mk. 1 Nose Cone

Mk. 1 Design Download 


Prototype 1



David Argudo

Full Time Physics/Engineering Instructor

PS 104